Oct 17

The Chronic Dev team has just released the Mac version of the jailbreaking tool, Greenpois0n. Its just like the Windows version, it will tell you what you need to do to get your iDevice into DFU mode and all you need to do is hit one button on your Mac to jailbreak your iDevice. You can get Greenpois0n here. » Greenpois0n: Mac Version Now Available. [jailbreak]

Oct 15

We told you that Limera1n is only available for Windows users but will soon be available for Mac and Linux users as well. Well GeoHot just released his new jailbreak tool “Limera1n” for the Mac. You can download the Mac and Windows version from the quickpwn website.

Sep 10

wrote this morning that FaceTime will be coming to iChat very soon. iChat is “a rich instant messaging application that works with AIM and makes it easy to stay in touch with friends using text and video.” Adding FaceTime to iChat means it will be possible to call iPhone and iPod Touch users from behind your Mac. They also say that Apple is working on a Windows version as well. » Rumor: FaceTime For OS X And Windows?

Oct 26

geohot-jailbreakGeohot has just released a new version of blackra1n. The tool allows you to jailbreak the latest firmware for both the iPhone and iPod touch. This is RC2 and fixes couple of bugs. » Blackra1n RC2 For Mac And Windows

Oct 23

174213-apple_win7_ad_originalAh the famous Apple ads have returned for some more funny stuff. This time the ads are focussing on Windows 7. Apple keeps trying to persuade people to buy a Mac. » Three Apple Ads Focusing On Windows 7

Oct 14

After the release of the Windows version of Blackra1n, Geohot has now released the Mac Version. Just to make sure everybody understands: Blackra1n supports Cydia, Icy and Rock Your iPhone. Blackra1n is for people who have an ‘out of the box’ iPhone with OS 3.1 or 3.1.2. The jailbreak is for all iPhones and iPods (except for the 2G and 3G iPod touch). » Geohot Releases Blackra1n For Mac

Oct 06

springboard exposeIf you own a Mac, you probably know about Exposé. With Exposé you can see all open screens in one view. Ocean Observation, a Swedish design company, made a video which explains how this features could work on an iPhone.

» Ocean Observation Shows Exposé Concept For iPhone

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