May 30

Apple has just announced that global superstars including Justin Timberlake, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jack Johnson and Jessie J are among the headliners at this year’s iTunes Festival in London. Running every night in September at the Roundhouse, the iTunes Festival features over 60 acts performing at the legendary venue. Performances can be watched live or on-demand on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or by music fans with iTunes on their computer or in HD with Apple TV. Tickets are free for competition winners only. » Apple Announces 2013 iTunes Festival in London With Timberlake, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jack Johnson, Jessie J & Many More

Aug 28

The iTunes Festival is coming back in September 2012. We’re inviting more than 60 artists to perform 30 consecutive nights of brilliant live music at the Roundhouse in London. Be sure to check back—we’re adding new artists to the line-up on a regular basis. Every ticket to the iTunes Festival is free—you can apply to win tickets to any performance. » iTunes Festival 2012: 30 Nights Of Free Music In London

Jul 09

“Samsung Electronics won a legal ruling after a U.K. judge said its Galaxy tablets aren’t “cool” enough to be confused with the Apple  iPad. ” Judge Colin Birss said today in London in a court fight between Samsung and Apple that consumers aren’t likely to get the tablet computers mixed up, he said that the Galaxy tablets “do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design,” “They are not as cool.”. » UK Judge Rules Against Apple In Samsung Patent Case, Claims Galaxy Tabs Are ‘Not As Cool’

Sep 02


Rob Shoesmith is a iPhone fan and decided to go camping infront of the Apple Store in London, to be first in line at Londons flagship Apple store for the launch of the new iPhone 5 later this year. You probably think that he is stupid, but trust me he is not, he actually had a good plan. He didnt just grab a tent and started sleeping infront of the Apple Store, no he emailed 100s of company and told them his story. He also told them that there is one rule to his experiment. He cannot spend a single penny on anything whilst he is in line. It was a succes since he alreade received over £40.000 worth of donations in just 3 weeks. » Rob Shoesmith The Smartest Blagger From The UK

Aug 10

Because of continuing violence in England, Apple and Apple resellers are forced to close their shops in multiple cities. For the past 3 days London, and other places in the UK are harassed by vandalism by young people. The story goes that they are angry at the police for shooting a 29 years old man, and this is their way of showing it. Unfortunaletly for the Apple fans in the UK, it will be more difficult to get your favorite Apple gadgets. » UK Apple Stores Remove Their Inventory Because Of Violence In England