Sep 25

There has been multiple complaints since the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 launch, such as the new Maps app, iPhone 5 wifi problems and that the black iPhone 5 is easy to scratch. Now BGR wrote that iPhone 5 users report light leaks. “According to MacRumors forum member “Leotno,” some white iPhone 5 models are showing slight light leakage between device’s glass display and chamfered aluminum antenna. BGR has confirmed on one of its own units (see photo below) that there is indeed a small crack on some new iPhone 5 units located just below the power button.» iPhone 5 Owners Report Light Leaks

Jul 29

Notoir iPhone hacker/expert Erica Sadun’s updated twitter with the msg ‘ip light’. Light was one of the flashlight applications in the App Store. It has been removed from App Store due to Erica hacking the brightness of the iPhone to higher level then allowed by Apple.
» Erica Sadun’s Light removed from App Store