Sep 10

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Apple put their Media Event keynote online. If you missed it or just want to watch it again click here to watch it in QuickTime. You’ll see the introduction of firmware 3.1, the new and improved iTunes 9 and the entire iPod line update.

» Apple Keynote 09-09-09 Online

Jun 08

On this page we will update you with every new information given by Phil Schiller. Just refresh every now and then.

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12:05 AM Phil is thanking all of the teams at Apple for their hard work. The keynote has concluded.

12:05 AM All of this is just the start of WWDC — tons of sessions and Apple employees on-hand.

12:03 AMÂ A robot camera thinks the iPhone is the same as before, but then the new features are briefly highlighted (mainly video capture). Phil is reviewing everything announced today.

» WWDC 2009 Keynote Address Coverage

May 18

Could these be pictures of the new iPhone of 2009? Will this iPhone be presented at the WWDC? Maybe or maybe not. At least these pictures look sweet. Very sweet in my oppinion. And it makes me looking forward to the WWDC keynote from Phil Shiller even more.
» Amazing Concept Art Of New iPhone

Jan 06

When Apple announced, back in December, that Steve Jobs wouldn’t be doing the MacWorld Keynote, a lot of people started to make their own guess as to why not. The majority of the rumors pointed to Steve’s Health, But is this true? They said that Steve Jobs wouldn’t be doing the Keynote because he was sick on his death bed. When Steve got hold of this rumor, he quickly addressed it by saying that his health is indeed bad, but he isn’t by no means…DIEING. He sent a E-Mail to his Apple Community saying Sorry we haven’t been talking about MacWorld as much as we should be, but trust me, we will give full details on all the happenings. The full email is inside!!! » Steve Jobs Misses the Apple Keynote…Why!?

Jun 12

It seems that some people are investigating the Keynote with really big lenses. During the keynote presentation Phil Shiller was playing around with his iPhone, and some of you think that his iPhone 3G had a front-facing camera. I personally think this is some finger grease, although it’s possible that the light reflection is indeed a camera, but what do you guys think? Video and pictures after the break.
» Front Facing iPhone 3G Video cam?

Jun 10

Apple has posted the full keynote online.

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