Jun 08


Apple has added three videos to their YouTube channel and on the official Apple website. Yesterday’s keynote was given by the one and only Steve Jobs. He seemed to be very energetic and also very happy about the announcement of the new iPhone 4. This keynote has now been posted online for your viewing pleasure. » Three Videos: Keynote, FaceTime And iPhone Intro

Jun 08

iPhone 4 Banner

Today’s keynote started at 10 a.m. at the Moscone Center to kick-off the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). Steve Jobs presented the new iPhone after first announcing some numbers about sales of the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad. The thing where people came for is ofcourse the iPhone. As is tradition lately, every year, somewhere in June, Apple shows us a new version of the iPhone. This year they introduce the iPhone 4.

» iPhone 4 Is A Fact!

Jun 07

On this page a live coverage blog of the Apple Media Event on June 7th will take place. Apple starts its event at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. The event will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Keep an eye on this page for updates about the live coverage.

» Live Coverage!

Jun 06

This is just a quick reminder that tomorrow (June 7)  at 10AM PST Steve will start his famous yearly Keynote. So what can we expect? First of all we are all hoping Steve will announce the 4th Gen iPhone, but there are also rumors about cloud-based iTunes and a Next Generation iPod Touch, They will talk about OS 4.0, maybe some new API’s and a update for Mac OS X. But still we can only know for sure when Steve is giving his speech tomorrow. So tomorrow we will follow the WWDC 2010 Keynote and keep you updated.

May 27

AT&T Apple

According to Boy Genius Report AT&T has told his employees that the iPhone is actually coming and they need to prepare for the iPhone launch this June.

Title says it all, but you didn’t really need a confirmation, did you? The phone will be available for purchase in June, not July, and from what we’ve heard, it won’t even be late June.

Just like they do every time a new iPhone get launched, AT&T has blocked all employee vacations in June. The next gen iPhone will probably be announced on June 7th by Steve Jobs during the Keynote.

Jan 27

iPad 2Today’s Apple Media Event was all about the iTablet…erh iPad. Steve Jobs started by talking about some general information. The App Store has almost 140,000 applications and Apple’s first quarter produced a stunning $15.6 billion revenue. Steve quickly continues talking about his latest creation.

» Our Latest Creation…And We Call It The “iPad” [+ Video-link]

Sep 18

steve_jobs2The video below shows you the importance of using positive words like “great, incredible, amazing, remarkable, easy, unbelievable” etc. It is a strategy you can use to improve the positive reactions of your audience. This is why every keynote presentation seems to be the best. That’s why Apple get such amazing, great, incredible and unbelievable reactions from their audience.

» Apple Is Great, Amazing, Remarkable, Incredible, Just Great

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