Feb 24

Google Glass is a tiny computer that mounts to an eyeglass frame and has a small display that is visible only to the user. It includes a built-in camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to give you driving directions, send text messages, showing weather reports and more. It is not available yet, but Joshua Topolsky already experienced using Google Glass and wrote a long article about his experience on The Verge. Google Glass is expected to be released in 2013 for a “high” price of $1500. » Google Glass: New On-Face Computer

Feb 01

Steve Wozniak talks to Joshua Topolsky about the arsenal of mobile devices he carries around at all times. He is telling how he got his white iPhone 4 part “from the internet” and that they are bad parts. The white iPhone 4 will be released in the future, but by the time it will be released, the iPhone 5 will be here. » Woz On His Many Devices & The White iPhone 4