Jul 14

Some days ago I brought you the news from the Rip-Dev team. They are still working on installer v4 and updated their blog with some new information. They will probably release a beta version tommorow but i’ll let you read the entry after the break.
» Installer 4 – Part II

Jul 11

4 Installer

The blog of RIPDEV has some very interessting news regarding the upcoming installer version 4. I am fairly sure you are all excited with the newly opened App Store (just like I am). I’ve already purchased a bunch of applications (and of course, downloaded a few for free), and I must say big “thank you” to both Apple for rolling out such a system and to the developers who put a tremendous effort into creating all these applications.
» Installer v4 soon ! (fixed)

Jun 17

I came across the following article on BigBoss his site.
Ziphone Warning
“But Ziphone works fine for me? Why should I avoid it?”

I hear this all the time. It’s simple. Ziphone does permanent changes to your phone. Zibri is a terrible coder that stole most the exploits for ZiPhone and did not create them. Zibri admits that he cannot code. Ziphone does work most of the time. But when it does not work, you are most likely left with an unfixable brick. Other jailbreak software such as iLiberty+, Pwnage, will not leave you with a brick.
» Ziphone Warning!

Jun 02

Some days ago i had a very interesting meeting with the people from iPhoneClub.nl. We were mainly speculating what the iPhone is going to bring us in the near future, especially with firmware 2.0 and the appstore coming up. After talking for about an hour we decided it might be nice if we asked the developers their point of view regarding the upcoming appstore and the future of jailbreaking. After some quick decisions regarding the questions, I briefly wrote a e-mail addressed to several developers.
» iPhone developers talk about appstore and their applications

May 09

I have been creating absolute beginner tutorials for anyone who’s new to the iPhone.Â

Currently i have tutorials for unlocking, winpwn, jailbreaking, and jailbreak + unlock.
I plan to add a lot more, if time will allow me.
You can find the page on the right of the main screen or here.

I hope you guys enjoy these and if you have problems, just comment and i’ll try to answer asap.


Apr 27

Yesterday evening i was playing around with Customize v2.0. I was installing and applying theme’s, sound sets, icon’s and so on.. Then i went into the preferences options of SMB in Customize and i disabled SMB .. My iPhone asked to be rebooted and tata i had the SPOD (spinning wheel of death).
No matter what i tried, i just couldn’t get back into my springboard.. After searching my iPhone filesystem for a solution, i finally gave up and restored it.
This time i used iLiberty+ and i must say that this unlocking app is really the best that i’ve used so far.
» iPhone unlocking + jailbreak the beginnners guide.

Mar 30

News flash !

ZiPhone version 3.0 just got released.
New features include.

– No more need to fix nvram
– Solution for GREYED wifi!
– No need for youtube fixes
– Emedded apps installer
– Customized plugins!

Zibri’s blog also mentions plugin availability.
I’ll review the new version really soon.

Download ZiPhone v3.0 here

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