Apr 18

To be honest, my iTunes library looks like is a mess , i have a lot of songs where i have no cover art, some songs have been imported from compilation cd’s without the correct mp3 tags, and so on ..

I’ve decided to start to clean up my iTunes library and the first thing i wanted was to get as much album art as possible.

In iTunes it’s possible to get your cover art automatically, but as i have a lot of album’s that aren’t listed in iTunes, i had to get my covers from somewhere else.

Luckily for me, Amazon has almost all album covers you can dream off.

I started searching for a tool that was capable of doing this the easy way :)
» Automatically import iTunes artwork from Amazon

Mar 26

I’ve heared a lot of people complain that they can only sync their Playlists to their iPhone or iPod Touch.
Well there’s a simple setting in iTunes that allows you to select the numbers you want to listen to.

1) Connect your iPhone/iPod touch.
2) ? Click on your iPhone/ iPod touch?
3) Go to Summary?
» Drag & Drop music/video’s on your iPhone/iPod Touch

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