Sep 22

Normally, when my iPhone is syncing, it displays the Sync in Progress screen with the Slide to Cancel slider. Well, sometimes, my iPhone remains totally normal while it’s syncing. Just now, I was syncing Crash Bandicoot onto it, and the display remained normal, and my iPhone retained all functionality. The icon just appeared on the screen when it was finished syncing it. » iPhone display remains normal while syncing

Sep 11

Recently, we did a post over the issues concerning the Blue Screen of Death when using iTunes 8 on a Vista machine. Well, a workaround has been discovered by someone on the Apple Discussions Forum over on Apple’s website. This process may or may not work for you, but there’s another method inside you can try if it fails. » Workaround for iTunes 8/Vista problems

Sep 10

Several users have been reporting that iTunes 8.0 and Windows Vista (32 + 64 bit) is not working very well. The users are reporting several issues of BSOD (Blue screens of death). The issue happens when you connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to any Windows Vista based computer. Apple has aknowledged the issue and is currently working on a fix.
» iTunes 8 and Vista = a big nono?

Sep 08

dTunes is a new application from the ModMyiFone source that is sort of like an iSlsk replacement for now. It connects to the music streaming site Seeqpod and displays your search results in a mini broswer. Then, using the Safari Download Plugin, downloads it. » Cydia: dTunes

Sep 07

Arstechnica is now reporting that Apple may release more than just a new iPod nano, despite their earlier beliefs. Most of what they say is coming also agrees with what we have heard from Kevin Rose. » Apple to release more than just a new iPod on September 9th?

Sep 03

As we all know Apple will be holding another one of their special events on September 9th. Expected to be released along with the new iPod nano’s and the new iPod touch, is the release of iTunes 8. The first reports of the new features in iTunes 8 came from Kevin Rose, who also was the first to tell us we would see new iPod nano’s and new iPod touch’s in September, so we can expect these rumors to be true. » iTunes 8 Specifications

Aug 15

Simplify Media, a newly released app store application, allows you to stream your music from your Mac or PC to your iPhone over WiFi, 3G, or EDGE. but grab it quick because this thing is only available for free for the first 100,00 downloads. after that it will cost you 3.99$. read on for features. » Your iTunes playlist now streamed to your iPhone over WiFi, 3G, or EDGE

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