Mar 11

itunes-gift-cardIt took quite some time but some chinese hackers have cracked the iTunes algorihm. While there are some legitimate digital music download sites in China – including 9Sky, Top100 and the recently launched Wawawa – digital music is proving to be a tough sell in the P.R.C, partly because of the market dominance of Baidu’s free mp3 search. There are, however, people making decent profit in this as yet unmeasurable market: the hackers of Apple’s iTunes store gift vouchers and their local agents.

» iTunes algorithm hacked!

Feb 06

itunes-crashSome users have been reporting crashes of iTunes since the upgrade to firmware 2.2.1 for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple has released a workaround for this. Hit the break to see the letter from Apple iTunes support.
» Firmware 2.2.1 iTunes crash fix

Nov 07

German iPhone news blog, found out that Apple has been doing some work on side of their iTunes Store servers and expects the release of the next iPhone OS version during the next five days.
» Apple getting ready for iPhone OS 2.2 release?

Oct 15

New media company Hot Phone Hit Factory announced the launch of Looking Glass, a monthly travel magazine available exclusively to iPhone users.Looking Glass offers iPhone users monthly, relevant, and up-to-date themed travel information in 12 distinct sections. Young travelers (age 18-34) will be informed and empowered to experience their destinations both physically and culturally.
» New iPhone Travel magazine Looking Glass

Oct 03

A couple of hours ago, Apple released the newest version of its iTunes software, named “iTunes 8.0.1”.

For Apple standards, this release came with a quite verbose release not, naming the following changes:

  • Seamlessly plays the current song when creating a new Genius playlist.
  • Improves syncing spoken menus to iPod nano.
  • Addresses an issue of deleting HD TV episodes when downloading.
  • Improves checking for updates from the App Store
  • Improves accessibility with VoiceOver.
  • Addresses problems syncing Genius results to iPod.

The update is 58MB big and can be downloaded either directly from the website, or using your Mac’s built-in “Software Update”.

For those of you with jailbroken devices: there are reports that jailbroken iPhones won’t sync with this new version of iTunes. A complete restart of iTunes should, however, fix this problem.

Oct 01

Podcaster the application that got rejected from the App Store by Apple finally made it’s way on to Cydia. Podcaster is a application that allows you to subscribe, manage, stream and download podcasts directly to your iPhone and iPod Touch. According to many of you this application was high on your wanted list and today you have the chance to get it in Cydia.
» PodCaster released in Cydia!!

Oct 01

CNN is reporting that Apple may close it’s very successful iTunes music store soon. The reason for this is a new dispute by the Copyright Royalty Board in Washington. The Copyright Royalty Board is planning to raise the royalty’s that online music stores should pay them. This raise will off course be payed by us the users and not the distributors (Apple, Amazon, etc). Apple doesn’t like this change and therefore they are threatening to close down the iTunes store.
» Apple closing iTunes Music Store?

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