Jul 21

redeye-mini-and-iphoneA long time ago we told you about the RedEye Mini “a cheaper and smaller version of the RedEye” which is a remote control for your iPhone or iPod Touch. You connect the remote control to the headphone jack of your iDevice and it uses infrared to a distance of 30 feet. You also need a simple free app to use the dongle, the developers of the app kept it clean,  simple and easy to use. Thinkflood “the creator of the RedEye” does now accept orders and will cost you $49. Not bad for a remote control that can control your TV, stereo, cable box, DVD player, and many other devices that receive standard (infrared) signals.

May 11

The German company HMB-TEC’s gadgets has created over 20 gadgets that do things in the physical world. Starting from totally unnecessary gadgets like the “ipocket Fan Fan for iPhone” or the “Laser Pointer”, up to more handy gadgets like a “Flashlight” or “Wi-Fi and IR Remote Controllers”. All gadgets need the electrical current from the headphone jack in your iDevice. But face it, these gadgets are only for the real iPhoneFreakz right? » Useful & Totally Unnecessary iPhone Gadgets