Dec 12

Poker night just got a serious upgrade. Next time you get together for some Texas hold’em leave the deck of cards behind and tell your friends to bring their iPhones and iPods. Bold Poker replaces your deck of cards and delivers a classy, meticulously designed experience that looks and feels pro. Forget about taking turns shuffling and let Bold Poker be your professional dealer. Each Hold’em player views their cards on a separate device, while an iPad in the middle keeps track of the board cards and automatically re-deals when you move the dealer button. It may handle betting, but at least it can’t be accused of stacking the deck. » Bold Poker App Replaces Your Deck Of Cards With iPhones

Sep 08

apple-music-event-2009-400x300Apple seems ready for the Media Event of tomorrow. Rumors have been circling around the web about what we will see at the event. One of those rumors suggests that the new iPod line will have camera’s added to them. HardMac now reports that the iPods might be delayed because of the decision to put camera’s in the new iPods.

» Apple Ready For Media Event!…Or Not?