Oct 31

iPhone 4 Siri
It is done! Siri is now “fully” running on the iPod Touch and iPhone 4. Steven Troughton-Smith already created a port for Siri, but it couldnt connect to the Apple servers. Now Troughton-Smith has followed up with Chpwn to get the server fully working on an iPhone 4 and iPod touch. Check out after the break to see a video comparison of Siri on the iPhone 4 against its newer, faster sibling, the iPhone 4S and a video of Siri working on the iPod Touch. » Siri Hacked To Fully Run On The iPhone 4 & iPod Touch

Oct 29

A lot of people are working on porting Siri to the iPone 4 iPod Touch or iPad, but till now it only is possible to port the GUI of Siri. If you are interested in this, you can folow the how to after the break. “Please note that this is only the GUI ( graphical interface ) of Siri, and there is no actual functionality added to the device. Also please note that there is a possibility that your device will end up in a respiring loop. So do this at your own risk” Check out the Tutorial “including a video” after the break to install the Siri GUI. » Port Siri GUI To iPhone 3GS/4 & iPod Touch 3G/4 [How To]

Oct 26

Two enterprising young hackers, euwars and rud0lf77, ported Siri to the iPod Touch, and you can see the results of their labor in the video after the break. Apples servers still are not as friendly as the virtual voice assistant, so Siris latest cameo remains a silent one — but some Siri is better than none, right? » Siri Ported To The iPod Touch

Oct 12

Apple has officially flipped the switch to turn on iCloud for all users and is no longer in Beta. MobileMe users are now able to migrate their accounts to iCloud once they have upgraded their devices to OS X 10.7.2 and iOS 5. iCloud stores your music, photos, apps, contacts, calendars, and more, and wirelessly pushes them to your iOS 5 devices and computers. iCloud is integrated with your apps, so everything happens automatically. You can login with your Apple ID at iCloud.com. » iCloud Now Live & No Longer In Beta

Oct 12

iLounge has confirmed that the new white models of the fourth-generation iPod touch are now available at Apple Retail Stores. The new white model is exactly the same as the prior version but they arrive with iOS 5.0 pre-installed. The new white models of the fourth-generation iPod touch are available for purchase now and are priced from $199. Check out more pictures after the break. » White iPod Touch 4G Now In Stores

Oct 01

Infographic iPod 10th Anniversary Memorandum 1
These days there is almost only news about the upcoming iPhone “5”. Which makes us almost forget that it is the 10th Anniversary of the iPod. To celebrate that vouchercodes created an infographic about the iPod from 10 years from ago till now. Check out the infographic after the break. NOTE: there are some mistakes in this infographic, it says for example that there was an iPod Touch with 80GB and 160GB. » iPod 10th Anniversary Memorandum [infographic]

Sep 21

Apple is holding a press conference next week, and is expecting to be launching a new version of the iPod Touch. But dont expect to much from it, because sources are saying that there will only be minro changes which includes a White case, new coating and a revised ambient light sensor. “MacRumors has received information indicating that the next iPod touch revision will be a very minor change, with the primary addition being the introduction of a new white model. Only minor changes are expected for the existing hardware, with the addition of an oleophobic coating for the display and a revised ambient light sensor seemingly being the main differences. Otherwise, we expect the models to be nearly identical to the current fourth-generation iPod touch model.” » Next Gen White iPod Touch With Only Minor Changes

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