May 09

I have been creating absolute beginner tutorials for anyone who’s new to the iPhone.Â

Currently i have tutorials for unlocking, winpwn, jailbreaking, and jailbreak + unlock.
I plan to add a lot more, if time will allow me.
You can find the page on the right of the main screen or here.

I hope you guys enjoy these and if you have problems, just comment and i’ll try to answer asap.


May 06

Raging thunder is a new game released by Polarbit. They are already won several awards with this game and now it’s available onto our iPhone …

I do have some remarks about the game.

The steering is done by the tilting your iPhone left or right and it’s not easy.
I was only able to play a quick race as saving your race profile is not possible.
The game also crashed several times.
» Raging Thunder race game

May 04

Some time ago i posted that there was a separate view for the iPhone or iPod touch when you visited our site.
I noticed that this gave a lot of issue, some people surfing with IE or safari where seeing that very minimalistic theme on there regular pc’s. So i decided to totally change the view.

Here’s the result.

Please tell me if you like it or not :)
» iPhoneFreakz on your iPhone

Apr 30

Reponame isn’t a new app, it has been released some time ago but today an update appeared in the installer.
So i thougth it might be time to give this little app a review.
So what does it do?
If you need a repository of a app or game, just type in the name and reponame will find the repository for you.
I like the app, but i noticed some minor little issues.
It doesn’t always gives you the original repository, so you will never be sure you’ll have the latest version.
For ex all apps from the skrew source, are according to the app on different repos.
Not that this is a big issue, but i like my app’s to be the latest versions, so i will not chose to use this app for now.
» Find the repository for any app with Reponame

Apr 12

A little update for iPhoneFreakz

I’ve made iphonefreakz compatible with our beloved devices.
Now you can look at the site from your iPhone or iPod touch and be updated of the latest news and reviews.

Some screens of how it will look on your favorite device.


» IphoneFreakz now formated for your iPhone or iPod Touch

Apr 07

The guy from DataBinge that has brought us our favorite backup solution TimeCapsule is back with WildEyes for safari.

The program let’s you view all sorts of documents right in your Safari.
The app is usefull for viewing pdf, doc, docx, xls, slsx, txt files, images, html, htm, aif, mp3, m4v, mp4 and aac files !

I think most business people really needed an app like this!
Now this is a program that i was missing on my iPhone.

Let’s have a look at version 0.08b1

» View your documents (pdf,xls,doc,txt,etc) on your iPhone iPod with WildEyes

Apr 05

Some late night news,

It seems that some developers got Quake 3 running pretty good in multiplayer over the network!
They succeeded in using using the accelerometer for the controls.

This looks awesome but is it legit? Will this be released?

We’ll keep you updated as always :)

check the video for some cool gameplay..
Video after more


» Quake 3 on your iPhone/ Ipod Touch in multiplayer ??

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