Dec 14

Whited00r is a custom firmware for old iOS devices such as the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 1G and iPod Touch 2G that allows you to install, jailbreak and unlock a pseudo- iOS on your iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch 1G/2G. Their latest update “whited00r 6” brings the iOS6 look and feel on old devices, which are not supported by the official iOS6 firmware. Check the video after the break for more details and information. » Whited00r 6: Replicate iOS 6 On iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch 1G/2G

Sep 21

A beta version of redsn0w, version 0.9.6b1 has just been released by the Dev-Team. Redsn0w, version 0.9.6b1 enables you to jailbreak the iPhone3G and iPod Touch 2G on iOS 4.1 or 4.0. At this point redsn0w 0.9.6b1 is only available for OS X users, but most likely iH8sn0w will be working on a jailbreak for the Windows user. » Redsn0w 0.9.6b1: Jailbreak iOS 4.1/4.0 On iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 2G

Aug 02

Whited00r is a new project created for iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch 1G/2G owners. Apple stopped releasing updates for these devices iPhone 2G & iPod 1G/2G since firmware version 3.1.3, so iOS 4 is not compatible with the iPhone 2G and the first gen iPod Touch (and people are complainig about iOS on the iPhone 3G). Luckily the guys from whited00r created a solution for this “sort of”, they created a modded 3.1.3 firmware to replicate iOS 4 on older iDevices. Some of the new features in this modded 3.1.3 firmware can be found after the break. You can download Whited00r via the whited00r project website.
» Whited00r Project, Modded Firmware 3.1.3 To Replicate iOS 4 On iPhone 2G/3G & iPod 1G/2G

Oct 03

The Pwnage Tool has been released, as expected, and can be used to Jailbreak the iPod touch 2G and the iPhone 3GS. Pwnage Tool 3.1.3 is not compatible with the iPod touch 3G. » Pwnage Tool 3.1.3 Released

Mar 11

apple-ipod-touchThe 24kpwn LLB patch, aka Untethered iPod Touch 2G jailbreak has been releasedy by MuscleNerd. MuscleNerd calls it the 24Kpwn LBB patch. What’s the difference with the untethered jailbreak? When you have applied this patch you will no longer have to have a pc nearby when you would like to jailbreak your device.
» Untethered iPod touch 2G jailbreak released

Feb 17

redsn0wMusclenerd (iPhone Dev Team) released a new video on jailbreaking the iPod touch but this time he jailbreaks the ipod touch 2G without having need for a pc. To get this working MuscleNerd created a dongle which no longer requires you to have a pc nearby. Excelent solution for when you’re on the go.
» Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G without pc

Jan 21

photo8Clippy Beta is the BEST Copy & Paste App ever! Its not really an app, but when you install it it resprings and you get it, that easy! Now whenever your in a web page you can copy the link, and paste it into a Mail or IM session. Now you can’t copy info on a page, but that i hope is to come, but you can now copy links and mail them to friends, or put them into a Note Document. Whatever you decide to do, its worth it. Check it out in Cydia :) its FREE what do you have to loose!? » Clippy Beta – Better Copy N Paste

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