Sep 05

The newest iPod Nano is so small why not use it as a watch? Ogikubokei was thinking the same and uploaded a picture to Flickr showing a iWatch concept. Its pretty simple, just a regular watch strap and a iPod Nano mounted on the strap using the clip on the back. Its pretty simple, but maybe Apple is thinking the same and will the iWatch be the next new gadget they release.

Sep 03

ipod nano touch
We already showed you what’s new in the iPod Touch 4, but what about the iPod Nano? The first thing that probably comes into your mind is, “it looks like a mini iPod Touch”. This is because Apple replaced the click-wheel with a small 1.54-inch multi-touch screen and changed the design of the Nano by making it 45% smaller and 46% lighter. Its now only has a size of 37.5 mm by 40.9 mm by 8.78 mm and weights just 21.1 grams. » New iPod Nano, Small iPod Touch?

May 26

nanoWhat you see below, is an artist rendition. Not the real deal, but it could be. The picture comes from and they have been right with certain rumors before. They claim to come with information like this, only when they have a lot of faith in it.

» Upgraded iPod Nano With Camera?

May 15

ipod_camera2-2New rumors are circulating the web. HardMac says the new iPod Touch will most likely have a camera on board. They also claim the iPod Nano will get a similar upgrade.

» New iPod Touch to get a camera?

Sep 09

The rumour has been confirmed by Steve Jobs, the 4th generation iPod nano is skinny again and features an accelerometer for automatic switching between portrait and landscape modes. Holding the center button during a song brings up the Genius menu.

» New Ipod Nano

Aug 26

Following the previous rumors about a new iPod Nano and new Ipod Touch with GPS, there’s a new rumor being reported on the bigger sites like MacRumors and Gizmodo. This rumor announces a Apple event on the 9th of September. This hasn’t been confirmed by Apple but as there are more and more pictures surfacing about the new iPod Nano, this could be true.
» Apple Event 9 September

Jul 30

Firmware 2.1 beta already showed us some very nice upcoming features like improved GPS functions, (turn-by-turn gps), a presumably copy&paste function and now they found a new reference string that points to a new iPod. The reference is ‘iPod2,1′.
» New iPod Touch coming?

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