Nov 05

ipod dockClick on the picture to see a larger version. What is it? An airplane? Well no, but it is big nonetheless. The little thing in the lower right corner is an iPod nano. The big ‘thing’ is called the Wall Of Sound and is meant to be a giant iPod-dock! » Something For Under Your Christmas Tree?

Jul 15

a2dp-bluetooth-audio-receiverIn the past few years, lots and lots of iPhone- and iPode-docks were released on the market. They made it possible to listen to your mp3-player music on the stereo. The A2DP Bluetooth Audio Receiver seems to be a more affordable solution. » Bluetooth Receiver Cheaper Than iPhone-dock

Jul 07
nas-z200irSony has announced a new iPod-dock. The NAS-Z200iR has the same functions as all the standard docking stations, but has many more extra functions as well. » NAS-Z200iR Sony iPod Dock