Mar 26

Forbes notes that Apple has sold over 500 million iPhones. According to the earning reports, Apple reported total sales of 472 million iPhones between the device’s 2007 launch and the end of 2013. Considering Apple’s sales numbers in previous quarters en the launch of the iPhone 5S en iPhone 5C, Apple should have easily sold more than 500 million iPhones by now. » Apple Sold Over 500 Million iPhones

Apr 22

According to the Taipei based China Business Journal, 8 million iPhones were returned from Apple to Foxconn on March 15 because they were either malfunctioning or didn’t meet Apple’s standards in terms of appearance. According to the report it will cost Hon Hai 1 billion (US$161.8 million) to 1.6 billion Chinese yuan to repair the defective iPhones. » Apple Returned 8 Million Malfunctioning iPhones to Foxconn

Nov 27

iphone-3gs-shopA couple of days ago we reported about 4,000 iPhones that were stolen from a Belgium company. The police lost track of the thieves and the devices were never found. Touch My Apps reports that the units are currently being activated in Russia.

» Stolen iPhones Show Up In Russia?

Nov 17

Last weekend 4000 iPhone were stolen from a logistics company in the Belgium Willebroek. The iPhones were ready to be delivered at the Belgium iPhone provider Mobistar. The shortages of iPhones is now even greater. The total sum of the 4000 iPhones is estimated at 2 million euros. » 4000 iPhones Stolen From Belgium Company

Jul 08

iphone-overheating-apple-respondsApple updated their supportpage, by adding warnings about preventing the overheating of the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS. One might think that Apple finally admits the overheating of the iPhones, but that’s not the case. The supportdocument already exist at least one month. It still is the first time Apple officially makes notice of the overheating of the iPhone 3GS. Last week has been a week of many reports of people complaining about the iPhone 3GS devices becoming to hot. The overheating caused the color to fade / change, especially with the white iPhone. » Apple’s Advice About Preventing Overheated iPhones

Jun 01


In the past couple of months, lots and lots of rumors were spread on the internet. Besides all the details about the next iPhone features, many fake or real pictures of the iPhone itself showed up as well. We made a list of those photos to give you some sort of an overview.

» A List Of iPhones (fake or real)