Jun 23

Chain 3 is a upcoming AppStore game. When you first play it, it really resembles Bejeweled and the current iPhone games Trism and iZoo. As always, information is scarse to find but we did manage to find a video of the game. Prices haven’t been announced and the released date isn’t yet known also. But i’ll keep you informed when they do pop-up in the AppStore.
» AppStore – Chain3 (a Bejeweled clone for the iPhone)

Jun 10

O2 released an official statement today. They will offer a Pay as you go iPhone and will have some other tariff plans. The coolest news regarding this press statement is off course the no contract version! Read more to see the details. » 02 confirms Pay-as-you-go iPhone 3G and other tariff plans!

Jun 10

AT&T has send a private document to all of it’s storeholders stating that it will be no longer possible to take a iPhone 3G home and activate if from home. The new enforcing policy will force users to sign a contract in both the Apple and AT&T stores. The number of iPhone that a customer can buy is still 3!
» New AT&T in-store activation policy for the iPhone 3G

Jun 08

IphoneFreakz will blog live on monday during they keynote of Apple WWDC 2008. To say it in Apple words, this is a landmark event, and iPhoneFreakz will be a part of it. We will finally know if the 3G iPhone will be smaller, have multiple colors, GPS or a-gps, if there will be a iPhone nano or if there will be any really cool apps available in the appstore. To make it all work, we will use coveritlive. You as visitor don’t have to do anything. Just visit the site and the updates will show up dynamically. If you like you can enter your mail address to be informed of when the session will begin.

May 06

Engadget supposedly has some leaked pictures of the White iPhone 3G.
It looks very much like the previous leaked pictures of the iPhone dimensions(check previous post here).

Yet again i have to say that this new design does not appeal me at all.

I still prefer the first gen iPhone the most. But are these real? We shall know in the beginning of june :)
» Leaked iPhone 3G pictures PT II ?

May 02

I have no idea of this is authentic, but it appears that the french blog iPhon.fr got some pictures of an anonymous source regarding the 3G iphone.
The design looks pretty much like what has been leaked on the net (see my previous post regarding this).
» First iphone3G pics ??