Oct 13

Apps Amuck is going to release tutorials on creating iPhone apps. Since Apple has dropped the nda on the iPhone SDK, more and more information is rapidly becoming available on how to create your very own iPhone apps.
» Free iPhone App Tutorials by Apps Amuck

Oct 01

After quite some time Apple finally decided to lift the iPhone developers NDA. This is great news and I’m pretty sure that due to the lifting of this NDA, some developer will be more then happy to teach other people how to code for the iPhone or iPod Touch. The official statement Apple released is :
» Apple Lifts iPhone Developer Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Sep 25

Apple has seeded some iPhone developers with a new beta iPhone firmware for testing. The new version is labeled iPhone OS 2.2 beta 1 and is accompanied by a new beta of the iPhone SDK (build 9M2611). Beyond “compatibility testing”, there are no other differences noted by Apple. It’s not clear yet if the new builds have any further implementation of background push notifications that have been promised by Apple.
» Apple releases iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 1(updated)

Sep 23

Apple has started the iPhone Developer University Program.This FREE program is open to higher education institutions looking to start to develop for the iPhone. The University Program gives it’s users a wealth of development resources, sophisticated tools for testing and debugging, and the ability to share applications within the same development team (up to 200 students) . Institutions can also submit applications for distribution in the App Store.
» Apple opens iPhone Developer University Program

Sep 11

Apple released a new build of the iPhone SDK uitgebracht. The new SDK has been released for the developers who’d like to create applications for iPhone firmware 2.1. No details have been released so far on what has been changed except for a reference found to a firmware 2.1.1. iPhone SDK build 9M2517 can only be installed on Mac OS X 10.5.4 or higher.
» New SDK has references to firmware 2.1.1

Jun 27

Apple released a new verion of their SDK. SDK Beta 8 for the iPhone (build 9M2199a). I haven’t received any news regarding the new functions/features in the latest firmware 2.0 beta. When i have more news i will update this post.

Jun 26

Yesterday i brought you guys the news about a training from MacDeveloperTips and today i’ll bring you iPhoneDevCentral. The iPhoneDevCentral website is a little bigger. The principle is a online SDK development community, everybody is free to add instruction video’s and trainings regarding the iPhone SDK. The website features Video Tutorials, a SDK Forum,a weekly challenge and developer blogs.
» iPhoneDevCentral – Lot’s of iPhone SDK tutorials

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