Mar 05

en_iphone_startscreenTeamViewer enables you to login remotely into a PC or server around the world within a few seconds. After connecting you can control the PC or server as if you were sitting right in front of it. But now there is the TeamViewer iPhone App. With the TeamViewer App for the iPhone you can do the same as the desktop version, remotely control your computer on your iPhone screen.

» TeamViewer Pro: Remote Control Your Mac or Pc On Your iPhone

Mar 03

redeye-miniRedeye is a remote control for your iPhone or iPod Touch, the bad thing about it is that it will cost you $188. For a lot of iDevice users $188 is to much money for a remote control. So that’s why they decided to create the Redeye Mini. This is a cheaper and smaller version of the original Redeye remote control.

» RedEye Mini: Cheaper iPhone Remote Control

Jan 05

L5_logo-L5remoteL5 Technology developed a new accessory that they will announce at the CES. It is an 1.25 x .85 inch adapter that you can plug into the docking port of the iPhone or iPod Touch and will function as an Universal Remote Control. It includes a Free application which allows you to drag-and-drop to create your own customized remote control interface. The remote infrared adaptor will cost $49,95. » Universal Remote Control For The iPhone

Oct 27

remote-control-3This white Line Remote Control of only 20g, has a dimension  of 37 x 29 x 17 mm and is compatible with all the iPhone and iPod models except the iPod shuffle.
Do you hate it that you have to take your iPhone or iPod out of your pocket every time you would like to change the song? Well that problem is solved with this Line Remote Control.

» Line Remote Control For iPod&iPhone