Aug 17

These days more and more rumors about the launch date of the next gen iPhone are showing up. But according to the latest 9to5mac sources, the launch date will be Oct 7th. quote: “Apple has been weighing between launching the new iPhone on October 7th or October 14th, but with the products latest stages of pre-mass-production currently moving along nicely, Apple is presently shooting towards a launch on the 7th.” Tipb also wrote that the next gen iPad will not be launched before spring 2012. » Apple Plans To Start Pre-Orders For Next iPhone On Sept. 30 & Launch Oct. 7

Aug 16

iPhone 4 South Korea
KT Corporation said it would start taking pre-orders for the iPhone 4 this week before its official launch next month. “We hope the iPhone 4 will draw a hot response from clients as the iPhone 3 did” KT Corp. rep said on Monday. Already more than 850,000 iPhones has been sold in South Korea since the iPhone hit the local market nine months ago. KT will open its stores and online shops this Wednesday to receive orders for the iPhone 4. Check out the Korea Commercial after the break. » South Korea iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Will Start This Week

Jun 29

Apple announced via a press release that they sold over 1.7 million iPhone 4 devices add the end of Saturday June 26th, that’s just three days after its launch on June 24th. According to Steve Jobs “This is the most successful product launch in Apple’s history….” Steve also said “We apologize to those customers who were turned away because we did not have enough supply.”. » Apple Sold Over 1,7 Million iPhone 4s Within First 3 Days

May 27

AT&T Apple

According to Boy Genius Report AT&T has told his employees that the iPhone is actually coming and they need to prepare for the iPhone launch this June.

Title says it all, but you didn’t really need a confirmation, did you? The phone will be available for purchase in June, not July, and from what we’ve heard, it won’t even be late June.

Just like they do every time a new iPhone get launched, AT&T has blocked all employee vacations in June. The next gen iPhone will probably be announced on June 7th by Steve Jobs during the Keynote.

Mar 24

4_icon_iphone_01jpgMacWorld gives an account of a news from China’s Unicom, in reference to the iPhone information they have published on their web site. » China Unicom to bring iPhone to China?