Jun 06

This is just a quick reminder that tomorrow (June 7)  at 10AM PST Steve will start his famous yearly Keynote. So what can we expect? First of all we are all hoping Steve will announce the 4th Gen iPhone, but there are also rumors about cloud-based iTunes and a Next Generation iPod Touch, They will talk about OS 4.0, maybe some new API’s and a update for Mac OS X. But still we can only know for sure when Steve is giving his speech tomorrow. So tomorrow we will follow the WWDC 2010 Keynote and keep you updated.

May 27

iphone 4g
A Apple insider said the N90 “codename for iPhone HD” may not be ready for launch yet. If so, Apple has an alternative “safer” iPhone with the codename N91. It will have less functions than the N90 and will probably not include the front facing camera. Its just like the iPod Touch where Apple removed the camera just before Steve announced it on the Keynote.

On a side note, Apple initiated the iPhone 4G project at the end of 2008. According to our sources, Apple actually has another product codenamed N91 for the project, which offers less change from previous iPhones compared with the N90. It’s a parallel product to back up the N90 in case there are major delays due to significant modifications in casing, display resolution, digital camera support and so forth. » Apple Has Alternative iPhone Prototype On Hand

May 06

iPhone HD camera fullaccess
This time the rumor says the next gen iPhone will include a 5MP camera and according to macrumors the iPhone will be able to record 720p Videos. iPhone 4 Beta SDK reveals the ability to capture video at higher resolutions than the current standard 640×480 (“VGA”) resolution. The values AVCaptureSessionPreset640x480 and AVCaptureSessionPreset1280x720, mean that we can record 1280×720 videos. So will the next gen iPhone will be called iPhone HD? » Next Gen iPhone “HD” Can Record 720p Video?

Apr 19

500x_iphone 4g
All iPhone and Gadgets sites are all worked up about the “iPhone Found in a Bar in Redwood City”. First Engadget thought it was the real next gen iPhone, later they said it was just a simple Japanese knock-off, and now Gizmodo said they are sure it’s the real thing. They said they already got their hands on the device since one week and disassembled it to find out what it really was. Unfortunately they cant boot the device because Apple remotely killed the phone before they got access to it, Apple also want the prototype back. Gizmodo uploaded movies, pictures and details of the device that you can see and read after the break. » iPhone 4G/HD Reviewed, It’s the Real Thing!

Apr 18


Earlier today we posted some pictures of the possible iPhone G4/HD, but it turned out to be a Japanese knock-off. Engadget found out after a reader posted another image of the device which is claimed to have been purchased in Japan. A reader of Macrumors also posted some images from a Chinese website WeiPhone , which looks identical to the one we showed you earlier today. Some extra pictures after the break. UPDATE: Engadget already changed his mind, its not a Japanese Knock-off, it’s the real deal! Read more about it after the break.

» UPDATED: iPhone G4/HD Photos Turned Out To Be A Japanese Knock-Off! Or Not?