Apr 08

For the people who don’t know what iPSW is.

I’ll explain. IPSW is are the iPhone/iPod Touch firmware update files.

You can use these to restore or update your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Now what is the iPSW builder tool?
» First screens of iPSW builder

Apr 06

Our friends from the TheiPhoneProject and the iPhone Dev team have announced the IPSWTool.

So what’s so spectacular about this tool?

You will be able to create your own firmware, and inclued the apps you like. For ex.

Imagine having an Firmware that has the BSDSubsystem, Jamendo Ringtones OpenSSH and other tools already included :)

For me this app can’t come any sooner. As i’m kinda a beta tester for a lot of apps, it would be very welcome to restore to a clean firmware with me predefined app’s already in place :)

check out the video and pictures
» Create your own firmware with IPSWTool

Apr 01

the iPhone dev team injected the following rumor today.

the DevTeam was approached by an unnamed party to sell all of the intellectual property and related applications. After much consideration the offer was accepted and the has ceased.”

We are glad to know that this is only an april fools joke.

So the Pwned tool is still scheduled to be released later this week.

happy happy joy joy :)

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