Jul 15

The iPhone dev-team has put an update on their blog, minutest before the timer of YiPhone will stop. They’ve added some comments + another video + screenshot of pwnagetool 2.0.
» iPhone Dev-Team (Pwnage tool 2.0 update)

Jul 14

I’ve been bringing you all the nasty details of the unlocking war that started when GeoHot announced YiPhone a couple of days ago. But now the iPhone dev-team created a new site with the name ihazsupper. The site shows us a picture of the ‘Woz’ who’s offering a gold iPhone to the members of the iPhone Dev-Team and it shows GeoHot in the possition of Judas.
» iPhone dev-team responds to YiPhone

Jul 14

The iPhone Dev-Team has set a update on their blog. They show a video where they break the iBoot. This is the procedure needed to get our beloved iPhones pwned with pwnage tool 2.0. The full article + video after the break.
» iPhone dev-team update

Jul 13

It didn’t take long before the iPhone dev-team responded to the Yiphone.org (aka GeoHot’s new site). A new article has been posted on the iPhone dev-team website where they openly defend why they aren’t releasing pwnage tool 2.0 before it’s thouroughly tested and ready.
» iPhone dev-team reacts to GEOHOT yiphone.org

Jul 11

We have been waiting all day but the iPhone dev-team has released a video of the Pwnage 2.0 tool. Check after the break for the iPhone dev-team video.
» Pwnage 2.0 video released !

Jul 10

The iPhone Dev-Team has released pictures on their blog of a hacked iPhone firmware v2.0 with icons of Installer, App Store and Cydia. I guess it won’t be long before we have the official firmware 2.0 unlocked and jailbroken. Jump the break to the screens.
» iPhone dev-Team show pictures of the First GEN iPhone with Installer + Cydia + App Store

Jul 10

The iPhone dev-team is certainly up to something. If you look at their blog you can find some cryptic messages with tag lines like “Position freely!”, “Our sources are hidden…”, “West we go!” and some images that look like pointers with the iPhone and iPod touch on it. Will they release..
» iPhone dev-team up to something(pwnagetool 1.2 screen updated)

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