Aug 18

The iPhone DevTeam formally announces the availability of “QuickPwn”. This tool is the proof of concept tool to demonstrate the “QuickPwning” of devices without the need for an iTunes based restore. This tool is best suited for users who do not need a custom firmware with specific custom features. For casual users the tool is more convenient as you do not need to make a full new IPSW and use iTunes with it, but the end result is that your device is Pwned and jailbroken.
» QuickPwn released by the iPhone Dev-Team

Aug 09

Straight from the iPhone-dev team blog.Did you think we’d sleep? really? Recommended method for updating is Sparkle (the internal updater inside PwnageTool) or using the Finder to decompress the files, don’t use command line tools to decompress as incorrect use will not preserve permissions, just double click the download above in the Finder.
» PwnageTool 2.0.2 now available

Jul 26

Our friends from the Dev-Team update their blog once more. This time they talk about all that has been accomplished in the last week and firmware 2.1. And yes, it’s huge list. Click the read more linkfor the full article.
» PwnageTool still works on firmware 2.1

Jul 21

BigBoss posted a article where one of the iPhone dev-team members speaks about pwnagetool, zibri and the unlocking scene. The article is a bit long but it’s surely worth the read. Hit the read more link for the full article.
» iPhone Dev-Team member speaks out

Jul 19

The dev-team updated their blog with 1 simple message. We love sundays. We think you will too. PwnageTool 2.0 tomorrow !!!

Jul 17

A new day a new update on the blog of the iPhone Dev-Team. This time they talk about safe code. The reason why the release takes so long is due to Apple releasing a update (B103) to firmware 2.0. The Dev-Team is currently testing all known firmware versions with all iPhone versions. By delaying the release they found 1 bug with App Store and Installer applications. PwnageTool will not support 3G unlocking or BootNeuter on the 3G device. Read the full article after the break.
» iPhone Dev-Team update (pwnagetool 2.0)

Jul 16

The iPhone Dev-team updated their blog once more. Not much new information is been told. They just talk about the PwnageTool 2.0 and some details regarding the development and the iPhone 3G. Read the full article after the break.
» iPhone Dev-Team update 16-July

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