Sep 03

cava22 lost iPhone Prototype
Earlier today I wrote about “a lost iPhone 5 prototype investigation but, the San Francisco Police Department reported that there is no record of such an investigation. It turned out that Apple posed as police officers to search his house”. But now after more research by SFWeekly, the San Francisco Police Department now admits to assisting Apple investigators with the search of a lost iPhone 5. » San Francisco Police Did Assist Apple In House Search Of iPhone 5 [Part 2]

Sep 03

cava22 lost iPhone Prototype
In late July Apple lost a iPhone Prototype in a bar “yes, just like the big story of the lost iPhone 4 prototype in a bar”. A man claimed that the San Francisco Police searched his home in July alleging they had traced a prototype next-gen iPhone to the location, this according to a report from SFWeekly. But it looks highly unlikely because after some research the San Francisco Police Department reported that there is no record of such an investigation. SFWeekly decided to interview the man “whose home was searched and suggesting that Apple security personnel may have posed as police officers during the search, a criminal offense. Alternatively, police officers may have improperly assisted in the investigation without properly documenting their work.”. » Police Searched Home For Lost Prototype iPhone

Sep 02


Rob Shoesmith is a iPhone fan and decided to go camping infront of the Apple Store in London, to be first in line at Londons flagship Apple store for the launch of the new iPhone 5 later this year. You probably think that he is stupid, but trust me he is not, he actually had a good plan. He didnt just grab a tent and started sleeping infront of the Apple Store, no he emailed 100s of company and told them his story. He also told them that there is one rule to his experiment. He cannot spend a single penny on anything whilst he is in line. It was a succes since he alreade received over £40.000 worth of donations in just 3 weeks. » Rob Shoesmith The Smartest Blagger From The UK

Aug 27

Macpost claims they exclusively received meatier images of iPhone 5 back cover in White, along with Volume flex cable, frontal camera, rear camera Lens, Vibrator and battery from a Chinese part supplier Truemaxcn. “The codename (N94) marked on cover clearly indicates that it is a fifth-generation iPhone part. The front cover, however, is labeled “EVT2″ (Engineering Verification Testing) with date 07-June-2011, marking it as early development prototype.” » iPhone 5 EVT Prototype (N94) Back Cover & Hardware Parts Leaked

Aug 25

Okey if you ask me i think this will be the iPhone 10, but this is an Amazing iPhone 5 concept. This CG iPhone 5 has advanced iPhone features such as a sleeker iPhone design, a laser keyboard & holographic display all rolled into this iPhone 5 video. The computer generated Concept iPhone 5 features is an exponential leap to the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3gs of today. » Amazing iPhone 5 Concept: Can The Be The Future iPhone?

Aug 17

These days more and more rumors about the launch date of the next gen iPhone are showing up. But according to the latest 9to5mac sources, the launch date will be Oct 7th. quote: “Apple has been weighing between launching the new iPhone on October 7th or October 14th, but with the products latest stages of pre-mass-production currently moving along nicely, Apple is presently shooting towards a launch on the 7th.” Tipb also wrote that the next gen iPad will not be launched before spring 2012. » Apple Plans To Start Pre-Orders For Next iPhone On Sept. 30 & Launch Oct. 7

Aug 13

Everybody knows that China makes copies of all Apple products. But that they create copies of Apple products that are not even announced yet is something new. In the movie above thay claim they created a copy of the upcoming iPhone 5. But I hope for Apple and the Apple fans that the real deal will not look as cheap as the one in the movie above. The iPhony is just $70, and looks pretty nice. But when we start talking about specs and quality it is really a joke, it even includes a built-in stylus. » iPhone 5 Clone

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