Oct 02

A new application is now available in Cydia called Backgrounder, which leaves applications running even after you hit the home button. Traditionally, the iPhone will terminate an application after the home button is depressed to return to the home screen. Backgrounder, as the name implies, lets applications run in the background allowing you to return to them in the future. This ability is great for applications such as MobileCase for downloading podcasts in the background while you surf Safari or check Mail, or for instant messaging applications to continue to run like BeeJive. The downside is that your battery life will be quickly depleted.
» Backgrounder Adds True Multi-Tasking

Sep 26

One of the most luxurious cases that are made for the iPhone and iPhone 3G are the ones from Vaja. The leather used in the Vaja products is one of the best of the world, it’s full grain cowhide. These hides are from the top ten percent of Argentina’s leather and are selected for quality strenght and grain. I received a specimen for the iPhone some months ago but due to some lack of time i never wrote a decent article about it.
» Accesoires – VajaCases – i-Volution Stripes for the iPhone 3G

Sep 20

Apple has just recently recalled the “ultracompact” power adapters that were included with every iPhone 3G since its launch. Apparently, the prongs have a habit of breaking off in the outlets and causing obvious electrical hazards. Apple has posted a statement about what users should do. Full details inside. » Apple recalls iPhone 3G power adapters

Sep 17

The readers of the magazine Stuff declared the iPhone 3G as the winner of the best gadget award of the year 2008. The magazine described the iPhone 3G as ‘ a faster, smarter version of a remarkable phone’. Last year’s winner is no stranger too as it was the iPhone 2G. The iPhone 3G won the contest compared to the Sony Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii Fit and B&W Zeppelin.
» iPhone 3G is Gadget of the Year

Sep 16

iSpazio has the new version of SwirlyMMS that works on 2.0 and 2.1 firmware (as well the iPhone 3G). It’s a beta version and they say that maybe they will have the final in the AppStore. About the app, how to install and screenshots inside. » SwirlyMMS beta for iPhone/3G FW 2.0/2.1

Sep 09

Ok it’s official. Apple representatves confirmed that the Nike+ integration only works with the new iPod Toch 2G. The iPhone and the iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch 1st Gen will not receive support for Nike+ as of yet. It has also been confirmed by Apple that the connector dongle will still not work on the iPhone and/or first gen iPod Touch.
» No Nike+ suport for iPhone 2G/3G or iPod Toch 1G

Sep 04

Kate has been available for some time now on firmware 2.0+. Although it was still a beta version. Today Rip-Dev released Kate 2.0. No longer a beta version. Kate 2.0 fixes a all the bugs that where present in the previous version and it also solves the issues with Winterboard.
» Installer – Kate 2.0 released

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