Mar 04

xgps1A couple of days ago Xpgs 1.2 was finally released in Cydia. A lot of new features have been added. Most of them have been posted previously. One thing which hasn’t been mentioned is a new way to create itinerary called Routes managerĀ. Using this function you can compute and save routes for offline use. It let you choose places and addresses as starting and ending point. Please notice that there is currently no support for routes with more than one starting and one ending points. It’s due to a Google limitation and we are working on it.
» Cydia – Xgps 1.2 released (Voice guided iPhone GPS)

Feb 10

sygic-gps-iphone3gThe Mobile World Congress is starting soon. To be exact from 16 to 19 february. A newsflash just came in from the company Sygic that they will be present on the Mobile World Congress with SygicMobile for the iPhone 3G. Sygic will present its inovative GPS navigation software for wide range of mobile devices and smartphones including the iPhone 3G.
» SygicMobile for iPhone 3G (real turn-by-turn navigation?)

Jan 15

Apple iPodsNot too long after the release of the iPhone 3G, Apple Inc. produced the iPod Touch 2G. This version of the iPod Touch is supposed to have more iPhone-like features. For example, the volume controls with the built-in speakers. This is for having more fun with applications with sounds, and also casual listening. The difference, as you can tell from the title of the device, is the phone features, of course. Overall the iPod Touch 2G is the closest of the iPod family to be compared to a iPhone. Is the 2.0 software the MAIN part of the attraction of the iPhone 3G? Yes it is a great feature having the App Store, but the customers like the physical features of this Apple phone. The sleek round design calls for an OOO and a couple AWWs. Apple has also brought this design to the new iPod Touch. I personally think this is a great feel to the hand Your hand snugs the device so comfortably its amazing. Overall, if you want to compare the iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch 2G, there’s really no difference besides the fact the iPhone is a phone :) » iPhone 3G Vs. iPod Touch 2G

Dec 04

One of the most requested application for the iPhone3G must be turn-by-turn navigation GPS software. After several rumors of TomTom and other such software suppliers we finally have a solution coming out later this month. The company XRoad is finishing their G-Map application and should release it later this month via the app store. The application works by downloading the maps from internet and this takes about 20 to 30 minutes. After you have downloaded the maps you can stick your iPhone to your car window and you’re ready to go. The price isn’t yet known but i expect it not to be cheap.
» App Store – Real GPS turn by turn navigation by G-Map

Oct 30

Operator Softbank in Japan announced that they will ship a tv-tuner together with a extra battery charger with the iPhone 3G. The 1-Seg tv tuner will deliver the tv signal via Wi-Fi. For this to work you will need to insert a small receiver in your bag or clothing and you will be able to watch 3H non-stop tv.
» iPhone in Japan gets battery charger + Tv Tuner

Oct 15

We already wrote a article about the app store application Geocaching. De applicatie has now been released into the App Store. GroundSpeak’s Geocaching will give you real-time access to the online database of
» App Store – released Geocaching

Oct 06

According to an article on AppleInsider the Cupertino-based firm is well on its way to exceeding its own expectations for 10 million iPhones in the year 2008. Using data from operating systems online from Net Applications OS Marketshare and from IMEI tracking from Mac Observer’s, it is estimated that Apple has sold between 7 to 7.5 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of this year with the debut of the iPhone 3G, much higher than the 4 million analysts had anticipated. » iPhone Sales Higher Than Anticipated

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