Jun 23

Radio Donna (Belgian radio station) is the first to give away free iPhone 3G’s. The contest will start this friday (27june) at 00:00h european central time. Why am i informing you guys about this? First of all, how is it possible that a radio Station can give away free iPhone 3G’s before 11th of July? And second, the iPhone 3G will not be released the 11th of July in Belgium! Or is this a confirmation that it will be released the 11th?
» iPhone 3G – Win the first iPhones 3G on Radio Donna (Belgium)

Jun 20

A chinese news paper has publicized the list with all the company’s that are making the separate iPhone 3G components. There aren’t much supprises here, as most of the components we find in the new iPhone 3G have already been used in the current first gen iPhone. One interesting fact is that these company’s will see there revenues increased substantionaly as Apple is expecting to sell more then 27million units by the end of 2009.

» iPhone 3G – Manufactor list publiced

Jun 20

Some new reports are coming in that the latest iPhone 3G firmware will support FM Radio and FOTA (firmware over the air downloads). FM radio does not mean that the iPhone 3G will have a FM receiver but it will probably support Apple’s ‘iPod Radio Remote’ and probably some other third-paryt FM Tuners.
» iPhone 3G has FM radio support and FOTA?

Jun 17

A dealer in the Netherlands has already annouced that he will be selling unlocked iPhone 3G’s starting from the end of July. The prices aren’t cheap, he is offering the 8GB version for 599€ and the 16GB for 698€ !! We already know that iTaly will sell the iPhone 3G 8GB for 499€ and the 16 for 565€. So why does this dealer increases the prices by 100€, and why will they only be available by the end of july? Will they be hacked versions? We will soon find out.
» Unlocked iPhone 3G prices in the Netherlands

Jun 17

A friend just mailed me this little news. It appears that the Belgian Flag is back on the list of Countries that will be getting the iPhone 3G on the 11th of July. Is this an error or not? I do have some unconfirmed news that Mobistar (Belgians iPhone 3G provider) is currently trying to get everthing ready to launch the iPhone 3G. Will this be the case? We will soon find out.
» Belgium back on the 11th july iPhone 3G list ?

Jun 16

MobileMe is going to cost 79€ in Europe versus 99$ in the USA. That the europeans always pay more then the USA is already common knowledge, but that Europe is getting less service for more money .. that is something new! If you take a US subscription the datatraffic allowed is 200GB, European country’s will only have 100GB! Another strange fact is that family members in the US get 5GB datatraffic as European family members only get 2,5GB. What’s happening with Apple?
» MobileME europe – half the storage and datatraffic as the US has

Jun 15

T-mobile has announced the prices for the iPhone 3G. According to the german website Welt Online the new prices are very low. If you take the Complete XL package for 3 years, you even get the iPhone 3G for free! If you take the cheapest subscription you will have to pay about 169€ for the 8GB iPhone 3G version.
» iPhone 3G germany prices revealed.

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