Aug 05

Koi pond, right now is one of the top paid apps in the App Store. It simulates a.. well a Koi fish pond. Read on for screenshots and details.

» App Store: Koi Pond review

Aug 05

iPhone firmware 2.0.1 has finally been released. You can update your iPhone via iTunes. Hopefully this resolves our major problems we have with crashing applications and other bugs. The firmware does promises to fix some bugs, but a list has not yet been published.
» iPhone firmware update 2.0.1 now available!!

Aug 04

We all know the game Apple has been playing with NullRiver’s NetShare App Store app. It has been pulled from the App Store, then reinserted and now it’s removed again. This little problem is not only affecting NetSize. Over the weekend Apple has pulled the populare free movie App
» App Store – BoxOffice app removed?

Aug 01

CMW, the developer of WinPwn announced a new version of his very popular pwnage tool for windows. WinPwn 2.5 promises to have a much sleeker graphical ui and some bug fixes. The official word from CMW is: So as the days roll over i thought it would be a good idea to post a few screen shots every day until the next release of WinPwn 2.5 (hopefully very soon). Here is a sneak peak at the new interface and the new wizard style WinPwn. Hit the break to see some screenshots.
» WinPwn 2.5 first screenshots

Jul 31

Super Monkey ball is one of the best selling games on the iPhone, however, it is missing one valuable feature…the ability to play your own music from your iPod while playing the game. However there is a very easy work around. click the link to see simple step by step instructions. » How to play “your own” music in Super Monkey Ball.

Jul 30

For those of you who have yet to buy an iPhone 3G, and cannot decide  which color to get.. this might be the factor that pushes you to get black. White iPhone 3G adopters are complaining of cracks appearing at the headphone jack and near the sleep/wake button and volume button. The users proclaim the cracked iPhone’s have yet to even be “dropped or pressed”
» White iPhones getting cracked.

Jul 30

When the App Store opened about a half a month ago, their where about 500 applications available. Now the list has grown to 1001 and for this special reason Fortune devoted a article about it. Hit the read more link to read it in full.
» App Store – 1001 applications already !!

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