May 07

You have probably already seen some keyboards for the iPad or docks, right? Well ClamCase claims they will ship a “Laptop-Like” case later this year. It is created to protect the iPad, including a keyboard for heavy typing and got a movable screen so you can still use the iPad the normal way. It looks nice but is this what iPad users are looking for? Maybe they should upgrade it by adding an extended battery in this case for extra battery life. Are you interested in a product like this, tell us. They created a video of the Clamcase that you can see after the break. » Clamcase Laptop-Like iPad Dock

May 06

In the 180 seconds compilation above Steve Jobs explains what the iPad is. I guess its just a magical, wonderfull, pretty amazing, better, bigger, far better, amazing, great, amazing, bigger, incredible, larger, best, great, far better, awesome, best, magical and revolutionary product. Like Steve said.

May 05

There are guys with way to much money on their hands and nothing to do, so what do you do than? Yes you put a brand new 64Gb iPad in the microwave. Warning if you love your iPad don’t start the movie above. The iPad cant handle the microwave, does Apple warranty cover this?

May 04

Well I could better say get your iPad “into” your kitchen, just like Alan Daly did above. He embedded his iPad into a kitchen cabinet and uses the iPad for many “important” kitchen tasks like he demonstrates. “My wife thought I was nuts – until she saw the finished product …” Alan said to TUAW.

May 03

Apple just announced that they sold over 1 million iPads since the US debut on April 3, over 12 million iPad app downloads and over 1.5 million ebook downloads from the iBookStore. Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs  said “One million iPads in 28 days—that’s less than half of the 74 days it took to achieve this milestone with iPhone. Demand continues to exceed supply and we’re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more customers.” Congratulations Apple you did it again. » Apple Confirms Over 1 Million iPads Sold

Jan 28

apple ipadYesterday on Apple’s keynote Steve Jobs told us about the iPad, that we can purchase in 2 months from now for only $499. We are very happy to see the iPad and we will purchase one or more as soon as Apple will release the iPad. We are especially happy with the speed of the iPad. Just take a look at this 10 minutes Hands On video (found on youtube) and the 15 minutes hands on video (from slashgear), it shows you the speed, interface and the apps that you can use on the iPad. These 2 videos gives you a good indication of the iPad. Tell us what you think about it. Will you buy one? » 2 iPad Hands On Videos

Jan 27

iPad 2Today’s Apple Media Event was all about the iTablet…erh iPad. Steve Jobs started by talking about some general information. The App Store has almost 140,000 applications and Apple’s first quarter produced a stunning $15.6 billion revenue. Steve quickly continues talking about his latest creation.

» Our Latest Creation…And We Call It The “iPad” [+ Video-link]

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