Jul 11

This is just a quick note saying, Apple has released iOS 5 beta 3 to developers:

  • Restoring from a Seed 1 backup or earlier will cause MobileMe/iCloud calendars not to sync. Subscribed calendars will show up in Calendars but none of your event calendars will appear in MobileCal. To workaround the problem remove and re-add the account.
  • iMessage beta 3 will be unable to communicate with iMessage users on beta 1. It works between beta 3 and beta 2.
  • Modal alerts don’t appear for iMessages.
  • In this beta FaceTime icon is missing in Settings on the iPhones.
Jul 11

Snipper, a Dutch start-up, goes live today on all main smartphone platforms: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and from next week, Symbian. The innovative app makes it possible for users to easily record and broadcast short films directly from mobile to mobile. Snipper users can share their special moments via their own channels – Private only for specifically invited viewers, or Public to share with anyone. The user decides who gets to see what. » SNIPPER: New Way To Share Videos Across All Platforms

Jul 11

Worry Free Labs is pleased to announce the release and worldwide availability of Sticker Factory, their new shape matching game that makes the most out of the iPad’s technological capabilities. With a simple concept in the core, the title requires both speed and accuracy. It presents a mix of matching fun and education, encouraging music and cute artwork. Sticker Factory features 11 action-packed levels with 11 sets of colorful stickers. » Sticker Factory: Fun For The Kids!

Jul 04

DigiTimes reported that Second-grade 9.7-inch IPS panels, those failing to meet requirements for use to make touch screens for iPad 2, may have been procured by China-based white-box vendors for use in their 9.7-inch tablet PCs, according to industry sources in Taiwan. LG Display and Samsung Electronics are two main suppliers of 9.7-inch IPS panels for iPad 2, the sources indicated. Since yield rates for such panels are lower than those for other types of panels, a portion of output is below Apples standard but may not be really defective in terms of usability. » Chinese Manufacturers Reportedly Using “Rejected” iPad Displays For iPad Clones

Jul 03

According to several Chinese new sources, a shoe cleaner in China saw someone with an iPad and asked if she could get online and help find her daughter. Apparently she had not seen her daughter for five years. Unfortunately, there was not a network available for the Wi-Fi only iPad, so the person took a picture of the womans with her iPhone and distributed it through Weibo. » iPhone & iPad Help Mother Finding Her Daughter In China After 5 Years

Jul 02

A series of phygital (physical meets digital) concept print ads that encourage out of home downloads of iphone applications. When scanned with a barcode reader the image directs people straight to the apps itunes download page. This allows apps like Shazam to invite users to download while at outdoor music festivals; in order to find out, and download exactly whats playing there and then. » App Ads: Scan QR App Commercials To Download The App

Jul 01

Aaron Ash (@aaronash) gives us a small look into the tweak he is developing called Polyonix. The tweak itself is in its early stages but has a ton of potential. Having talked with Aaron directly, he has many more upcoming implementations. From the picture above, one can notice a few of the features he mentions in his blog post:

  • The edit mode in the bottom right will allow you to re-arrange windows on the screen and even rotate the windows (portrait / landscape)
  • The Close Polyonix button is assumably for closing the overlay with the windows

» Jailbreak Tweak “Polyonix” Allows Multiple iPhone Apps Running On The iPad

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