May 12

pod2g announced that he successfully untethered jailbroken an iPad 3 running iOS 5.1. There is still no word on when a new jailbreak will be released, but we hope it will be soon. In the meantime check out the video above. » iPad 3 iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak

Mar 07

Apple will hold an iPad Event that will kick off Today “March 7” at 10 a.m. PDT and we will be here to cover it. The Event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco where Apple will most likely show of the next-generation iPad and possibly a refreshed Apple TV. Keep an eye on this page for updates about the live coverage. Do not forget to fill in your email adress for a live cover reminder, we will be online around 9:30 AM Pacific Time.

Mar 07

Without hours Apple will start their iPad “HD” event and as expected, the Apple Store just went down. We can not wait to see the updated Apple Store. Make sure to folow our Live Cover of the Apple iPad “HD” Event.

Mar 06

ipad_3_launch march 16
An anonymous source from an Apple Store claims that there are big preparations underway to start selling the iPad 3 on March 16. Tomorrow Apple will announce the iPad 3iPad HD” and the latest rumor said it will be released 9 days later on Friday March 16. Would you like to know what Apple announces tomorrow ? Make sure to Join our Live Cover here. » iPad 3 Will Be Released on March 16 [rumor]

Mar 06


CNet claims that the next gen iPad that is due to be announced on Wednesday will be named “iPad HD”.

A developer who has previously provided reliable information with respect to things Apple and otherwise tells us the next iPad uses the HD moniker instead of going with “iPad 3.”

Till now the next generation iPad has been called “iPad 3” in most reports as a natural successor to the iPad 2, just a view case-makers started referencing the new device as the “iPad HD”. » Next iPad Will Be Named iPad HD Not iPad 3?

Mar 04

iPad 3
MIC Gadget has been able to get its hands on the rumored parts for the iPad 3 Front Glass, Rear Shell, and 3rd party cases, which can be seen in a nice overview video after the break. The video shows the iPad 3 exterior assembled, but no internal parts. » iPad 3 Parts Put Together

Mar 03

iPad 3 prices
The latest rumors about the iPad 3 prices said the iPad 3 will most likely cost $70 or $80 more than the iPad 2. But today 9to5mac said that this does not appear to be the case. 9to5mac has gotten word that iPad pricing is going to be the same across the board as the current iPad 2 models (iPad 2 prices can be seen above) which should be no big surprise given Apples history. » iPad 3 Prices Same As iPad 2?

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