Jul 31

Dashboard X is an awesome widgets system for iOS. It works with existing notification center widgets (means: a huge selection is available) and places them on your home screen and a special dashboard screen (like in OS X!). Check Dashboard X out in Cydia! Compatible with all devices running iOS 5.0 and above! After the brek you can find a video of Dashboard X in action. » Dashboard X 2.0: iOS Home Screen Widgets [jailbreak]

Mar 31

FireCore announced that they are happy to release a new versions of Seas0nPass and aTV Flash (black) that are compatible with latest 5.0 (iOS 5.1) software running on the ATV2. “A ton of work has gone into getting everything updated, and a huge thanks go out to Brandon Holland (@640774n6) and Dustin Howett (@DHowett) who both contributed immensely in adding support for 5.0.” » Apple TV On OS 5.0 Tethered Jailbroken [jailbreak]

Nov 21

iPhone 4S Issues
Last month Apple released their latest must-have smartphone, the iPhone 4S. Initial sales have been as strong as one might expect from the consumer electronics giant, but Apples support forums have been buzzing with news of a gloomier kind: there are several niggling issues that are affecting a number of users who have taken out a new iPhone 4S contract. Here is a quick round up of some of the issues that certain customers have faced and what Apple are proposing to do about them: » Iphone 4S: Teething Troubles

Nov 14

iOS 5.0.1 has been released last week and was supposed to fix battery issues some iPhone 4S users experience. But some people now actually experience a quicker battery drains. But thats not all, some people experience more issues including including Wi-Fi signal loss, microphone failures, and cellular network issues. At the Apple Support Forum you can find a very long list of people who experience these issues. Do you experience any of these bugs? » iOS 5.0.1 Causing New Issues Including Battery Life Issues