Aug 09

Apple already released iOS 5 Beta 5, which means that the official version will be released soon. After the break you can see some nice information and stats about the iOS Beta versions since 2008. » iOS Beta Numbers!

Jun 21

Orbit is an app in Cydia that has just been updated for iOS 4, it brings you an instant way to switch between pages on your home screen. Inspired by the ‘iPhone Expose’ concept, this haxie gives you an icon that, when tapped, animates your home page into the Orbital View. » Orbit Updated For iOS 4 [jailbreak]

Jan 10

MyCamera is a new tweak that you can download in the Cydia Store via the modmyi repo. It enables you to activate the camera app on your iPhone with any Activator method. You can also choose your own Activator method to take photos and videos. You need iOS 4.x to use MyCamera and can change your Activation settings in the » MyCamera: Take Photos Anyway You Want [jailbreak]

Oct 09

Multifl0w is a task-switcher for jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches and can run alongside or replace Apple’s native task switcher. Now it has just been updated to v2.0.3 which comes with the following changes: Better memory management, Option to close to springboard by touching a non-app area and Fixed a commonly occurring crash that happened when closing out apps. You can get Multifl0w for $4.99 in the Cydia Store via the modmyi repo. » Multifl0w Updated To v2.0.3

Oct 05

The iPhone App “Tango” enables you to make high-quality mobile video calls over 3G and Wi-Fi for FREE! Tango is an entertaining video calling service that connects people around the world in an exhilarating new way and it is high rated in the App Store. For further details take a look after the break. » Make Free Video Calls Over 3G And Wi-Fi Thanks To Tango!

Oct 03

The developers of Doodle Jump “one of the most popular iPhone games in the App Store” are planning to release a new update soon. This time its not just a new level, but they are working on a multiplayer function for the Game Center. Lima Sky said on Twitter: Testing Doodle Jump Game Center multiplayer racing. It is totally SICK! Get ready for some serious realtime competition against your friends. » Doodle Jump Will Get Multiplayer Via Game Center Soon!

Oct 02

New day new app in the Cydia Store, this time we can enjoy FolderEnhancer thanks to the developer Lance Fetters “@Ashikase”. FolderEnhancer brings the functionality of multiple Cydia apps “and more” in one. It include features that you may know from FoldersinFolders and Infinifolders. You can get FolderEnhancer for $1,99 in the Cydia Store and previous CategoriesSB customers can grab the upgrade for $0.99. Get it before November, because will higher the price in November. » FolderEnhancer: Add More Features to iOS4 Folders [jailbreak]

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