Feb 18

Whited00r version 4.2 has been released and is a  custom 3.1.3 Firmware to replicate iOS 4.2 on older iDevices including: iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G,  iPod Touch 1G and iPod Touch 2G. It is really similar to v4.1 but this should run faster (unused dependencies removed). There are also some bug fixes and now includes the Multitasking feature. » Whited00r: Custom 3.1.3 Firmware To Replicate iOS 4.2 On Older iDevices

Jan 28

Just a quick note to tell you Apple released iTunes 10.1.2. iTunes 10.1.2 provides a number of important stability and performance improvements. iTunes 10.1 came with several new features and improvements. You can now use AirPlay to instantly and wirelessly stream videos from iTunes to the all-new Apple TV and Sync with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 4.2.

Dec 07

iOS 4.2 for the iPad has recently been released and some iPad owners noticed that Apple has lowered the power output of the iPad’s 30-pin connector to a mere 20mA, down from 100mA in iOS 3.2. This means that connected devices such as USB Keyboards, USB Flash drivers and Cameras that require power of more than 20mA will no longer work and will give you the message “The connected USB device requires too much power.”. » iOS 4.2 Reduces Power Output to iPad Camera Connection Kit

Nov 23

AirPlay lets you stream digital media wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to your Apple TV and AirPlay-enabled speakers. So you can watch movies and photos on your widescreen TV and play music through the best speakers in the house.

Nov 22

Apple finally released iOS 4.2! It includes a lot of new features, especially for iPad users. iOS 4.2 brings multitasking to the iPad as well as folders. For iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone users Apple integrated AirPlay and AirPrint. One new feature for our iDevices is a free version of Find My iPhone, which is a MobileMe feature that helps you locate your missing device and protect its data. So head over to iTunes and update your iDevice.

Nov 21

MobileMe iOS 4-2
MacRumors found some evidence, Apple might just be considering adding a free level of MobileMe service iDevice owners on iOS 4.2. “The evidence comes in the form of a new private framework known as AppleAccounts.framework that includes a series of device-specific error messages referring to free MobileMe accounts. In particular, the error messages include alerts regarding having reached “the maximum number of free accounts” for a given device and certain devices not being “qualified for free MobileMe service.” » Free MobileMe Service For iOS 4.2 Users?

Nov 19

iOS 4-2-1 GM
Apple has just released iOS 4.2.1 GM for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad to developers. After iOS 4.2 GM was released to developers, we expected Apple to release iOS 4.2 to the public soon after that. After a second iOS 4.2 GM for the iPad and iOS 4.2.1 GM, no one knows anymore when Apple will release iOS 4.2 to the public. If you are a developer, download iOS 4.2.1 GM now from developer.apple.com and if you notice any changes, let us know in a comment.

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