Apr 09

The reporter Rob Schmitz gain exclusive access to the Foxconn iPad factory in China, and is only the second journalist to do so. “On the heels of his report about Mike Daisey’s largely fabricated This American Life story, our China correspondent, Rob Schmitz is back with a new exclusive. Rob recently gained access to the Foxconn factory floor in Shenzhen, China, making him the first public media reporter (and only the second journalist) Apple has ever allowed into its Chinese supplier. Hear his exclusive reports on your local public radio station (week of April 9, 2012) or online anytime at marketplace.org.” Take a look after the break where you can find a 3:30 minute “audio” interview about Rob’s tour in the China Foxconn factory. » Journalist Rob Schmitz Gets A Foxconn Factory Tour

Feb 16

Steve jobs The Ultimate Video Collection
9to5mac informed us about a nice collection of Steve Jobs interviews on Chill.com. The collection “called The Ultimate Steve Jobs Collection” features interviews, keynotes, product demos, and rare company videos and was compiled by Scott Hurf. If you are a Steve Jobs fan or Apple fan this is a must see.

Dec 13

PBS is making their 60-minute “Steve Jobs– One Last Thing” documentary available on DVD starting today. The documentary is available on Amazon for $22.15 and includes a never-before-broadcast interview with Jobs from 1994, as well as interviews with a number of those who knew and worked with Jobs such as Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, Ross Perot, and Dean Hovey. » One Last Thing Steve Jobs Documentary On DVD

Dec 01

During his interview, Robin Williams did the most hysterical impression of Siri, the “personal assistant” that comes in the iPhone 4s. He had Ellen dying of laughter! You can check out the video after the break. » Robin Williams Does An Impression Of French Siri On The Ellen Show

Nov 05

From the Series Machine That Changed the World, The Program Paperback Computer. Check out after the break for another interesting 150 minute video of Triumph of the Nerds, which is a mini serie from 1996 about the history of the PC, including people such as Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. » Interesting 50 Minute Steve Jobs Interview You Probably Have Not Seen

Nov 03

Through interviews with colleagues and others who knew Steve Jobs, whose innovations transformed the lives of millions, “One Last Thing” provides an inside look at the man and the major influences that helped shape his life and career.

Oct 31

Gates defends himself slightly but seems smart enough (and secure enough) not to handle the tough words head on.

“Well, Steve and I worked together, creating the Mac. We had more people on it, did the key software for it.”

“So, over the course of the 30 years we worked together, you know, he said a lot of very nice things about me and he said a lot of tough things. I mean, he faced several times at Apple the fact that their products were so premium priced they literally might not say in the marketplace. So, the fact that we were succeeding with high-volume products, including a range of prices, because of the way we worked with multiple companies, its tough.

“At various times, he felt beleaguered. He felt like he was the good guy and we were the bad guys. You know, very understandable. I respect Steve, we got to work together. We spurred each other on, even as competitors. None of that bothers me at all.”

Source [9to5mac]

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