Mar 31

icy1The guys from Ripdev released a new direct Cydia competitor called Icy. Check out the demo and speed test video after the break.
» Icy: alternative to Cydia

Mar 11

installerappRip-Dev is back. Some days ago they announced a new product that will work kinda like the app store. The application called Installer App will have the posibility to download packages from Cydia and Installer straight to your desktop and then sync them to your iPhone or iPod touch. The official word from Rip-Dev is:
» Installer APP – Desktop Installer for iPhone Packages

Dec 31

I have just opened Cydia and found an update to it. So the next time you open Cydia and the sources refresh you will get a pop up telling you an important update is available. More inside!

» Cydia 1.0.2684-40 Update

Sep 25

Well the time has finally come, Rip-Dev has released an update to Installer. I know many people have given up on Installer and turned to Cydia but this has added a lot of improvements (but also a few bugs). » Installer 4.0b8 release!

Sep 04

Kate has been available for some time now on firmware 2.0+. Although it was still a beta version. Today Rip-Dev released Kate 2.0. No longer a beta version. Kate 2.0 fixes a all the bugs that where present in the previous version and it also solves the issues with Winterboard.
» Installer – Kate 2.0 released

Aug 24

Rip-Dev has once again update installer to version 4.0b6. This update fixes many bugs and also seems to make Installer work a bit faster. read on for all the new features. » Installer 4.0b6 released

Aug 22

A while back Braden made a post telling you about how we are coming on both of the repos. Its been a while since everyone has heard from us so i thought id give you a little info of what is going on. » Cydia/Installer Repo Update

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