May 16

Some of us have had some issues with installing applications since the new installer was released.
Some app’s that simply refused to work without some minor adjustments.
I personally had the issue with customize and some other app’s.
I clarified released a fix for these issues, you can find the update in the installer.

» Installer 3.1 fix

May 08

Since the installer 3.1 it seems some people are having serious issues.

» Installer 3.1 issues ? (updated)

May 06

Some days ago i showed you guys already some screenshots regarding Installer 3.1.
This new feature is going to make my work a little easier.
Now i won’t have to show you in which category the app’s or games are, you will be able to search for them in the Installer !!
You can search within a category or do a global search when you select all applications.
One of the other new features i found is in the sources.
It seems that from now on, you will be able to install packages from locally on your iPhone (~/Media/installer) . I don’t know yet why this feature is here, but i think we will soon find out.
» Installer updated to version 3.1

May 04

This is unconfirmed news but the screenshots look legit.
It appears as though the installer will get some new functions.
The most profound change we can see in the screenshots is a new search function.
Cydia already had this feature, but as installer is still the the preferred install program, this new search will be cheered upon by many of us users.
The Installer 3.1 release date isn’t public knowledge yet, but my guess is that it’s going to be reallly soon.

» Installer getting search capabilities?