Feb 11

Instagram, Apples 2011 “App of the Year,” just released an update to its iOS application that includes a sleek user interface, tappable notifications, a new filter, and an enhancement feature. This update includes a new feature called Lux. Lux is a new way to instantly transform the look and feel of your photos. In just one tap, Lux works its magic by making your photos more vibrant and bringing out details you couldn not see before. Use it with a filter or without. » Instagram Updated To v2.1 New UI, Notifications, Filter, & Enhancement Feature

Sep 21

instagram 2 iphone
The creators of Instagram are excited to announce the release of one of the largest revamps to the Instagram app since it launched nearly a year ago. Since the day they launched Instagram, one core part of the app has remain largely unchanged: the camera. In the past, the have added filters & tilt-shift, but the base technology has never evolved. Today that all changes as they introduce a complete upgrade to Instagrams camera with a brand new technology layer. » Instagram v2.0: With Higher Quality & New Filters

Jul 28

If you are Instagrams heavy user, here is news for you. Now you can view all photos from this popular service on your iPad. You, your friends, the most popular, interesting and beautiful photos are packed in always up to date albums in Slidelight, a new app from polish developer Macoscope. » Add A Pinch Of Magic To Your Instagram Experience With Slidelight

Jul 02

A series of phygital (physical meets digital) concept print ads that encourage out of home downloads of iphone applications. When scanned with a barcode reader the image directs people straight to the apps itunes download page. This allows apps like Shazam to invite users to download while at outdoor music festivals; in order to find out, and download exactly whats playing there and then. » App Ads: Scan QR App Commercials To Download The App

Apr 02

At this years SXSW a lot of iPhone apps has been used. The people at Opinionaided wanna know what applications has been used the most, so they sent a team to Austin to find out. It turned out that Instagram and Foodspotting has been used the most, in the infographic above you can see the full list of popular apps. Click the image above for full view. » Most Popular iPhone Apps At SXSW 2011

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