Dec 21

If you are involved in an Internet business, or just curious about where the Internet is heading, this infographic will interest you. “The Seven Shocking Stats & Trends about the Internet” infographic is about major trends that are likely to make an impact in the next few years. Check it out after the break. » 7 Shocking Stats & Trends About The Internet [Infographic]

Dec 21

Check out the full infographic after the break. It shows all the mind boggling stats of smartphone sales and growth. » Mind Boggling Stats Of Smartphone Sales And Growth [infographic]

Aug 02

Water damage is one of the most common ways a cell phone meets its death and to make matters worse it typically voids any warranty. Whether it’s due to a spill, running it through a washing machine or dropping it in the toilet (19% of people have lost their phones to the porcelain throne!), getting your phone wet sucks.

After the panic of ruining your phone wears off, remember that you can save a cell phone from water damage! This infographic “from” after the break will show you the do’s and don’ts of dealing with a water-logged cell phone and offers steps to make sure you don’t end up with an expensive paper weight. » How to Save a Wet Cellphone [infographic]

Jul 25

From screen sizes to specific user interface tips, this infographic from Kinvey is your go-to-guide for designing iOS and Android apps. Check out the full cheat-sheet after the break. » iOS & Android Design Guidelines Cheat-Sheet [Infographic]

May 31

Steve Jobs died in 2011 at the age of 56 after a lifetime of innovating technology and revolutionizing the way we live our day-to-day lives. The infographic after the break takes us from the moment Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak, all the way to the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 release. » Steve Jobs: The Timeline Of A Visionary And A Creative Genius [infographic]

May 30

Although the mobile phone can be our staunch ally at times, helping us make our lives as convenient, comfortable and efficient as possible, these obvious advantages do not come without their drawbacks – many of which highlight the impact they can have on our society in terms of compassion and sensitivity.

Recent research has uncovered the surprising truth: although the majority of the public believe that use of mobile phones in public places is a nuisance, a shocking number of people don’t seem to understand that there are times when mobile phone usage of any kind, is inappropriate. » Even At The Most Inappropriate Times, Britons Are Still Using Their Phones [infographic]

Apr 11

As we wrote earlier, Google has introduced the future of communication with project Glass.  But, have you ever wondered how exactly does Google Glass works? To find your answer check out the infographic after the break. » How Google Glass Works [infographic]

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