Nov 05

New day, new update in Cydia: Infinifolders. Scroll your folders and break the 12 icon barrier! Infinifolders lets you add as many icons as you want to each folder, breaking the 12-app limit, and access them through a flick up and down. Many settings provide full customization (no respring required!) – and safe mode/iTunes do not mess up your icons. Created by the developer of Infinidock and Infiniboard, Infinifolders is the ultimate way to manage your icons! » Infinifolders Updated To v1.4.0-1 With iOS5 Support

Oct 02

New day new app in the Cydia Store, this time we can enjoy FolderEnhancer thanks to the developer Lance Fetters “@Ashikase”. FolderEnhancer brings the functionality of multiple Cydia apps “and more” in one. It include features that you may know from FoldersinFolders and Infinifolders. You can get FolderEnhancer for $1,99 in the Cydia Store and previous CategoriesSB customers can grab the upgrade for $0.99. Get it before November, because will higher the price in November. » FolderEnhancer: Add More Features to iOS4 Folders [jailbreak]

Aug 04

New day new Cydia app, infinifolders. Apple limited the amount of icons that you can add to a folder in iOS 4 to a maximum of 12. But thanks to Infinifolders, “which  is a tweak developed by chpwn” you are not limited anymore and you can add as many icons in a folder as you want. You can access the icon by scrolling up and down. You can purchase infinifolders in the Cydia store for $1,99 via the BigBoss repo and is only compatible with iOS 4.