Sep 05

Xtrememac is known because of the iPhone and iPad cases they make, but now they rolled out three new speaker systems for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. First of all they showed of the Soma Stand at the IFA this week. It is a pyramid-shaped dock that folds up for portability and can be purchased in October for €100. Second in the list they created the Soma Travel a small shaped speaker that can work on batteries. It is not very loud, but is perfect for travelers, it can be purchased for €50. » XtremeMac Will Launch Three New Speaker Systems

Sep 06

nuu mini-key iPhone 4
Nuu has created a new accessory that they showed at the IFA, The Nuu Mini-Key. The Nuu Mini-Key is a new accessory that serves up a fully integrated QWERTY slider keyboard for your iPhone 4. For 70 bucks you get a protective case that also claims to resolve the iPhone 4 antenna issues, and if you want you can use the QWERTY slider keyboard with backlighting that is mounted underneath, just like a flip phone. » Nuu Mini-Key Flipping iPhone 4 Keyboard