Nov 17

iMessage in iOS 5 allows text messaging, but does not currently connect to third-party chat services like AIM. iChat software built into Mac OS X does connect to services like AIM, Jabber and others, like Yahoo Messenger. Developer John Heaton found some code in the latest version of iOS that hints iChat functionality could finally be coming to the iOS mobile operating system. » Apple Could Bring iChat Functionality To iPhones

May 25

Engadget reported
that American Beauty director Sam Mendes is in the process of putting together a series of Apple commercial which will feature video chat on the next gen iPhone. Engadget said they have a trusted source, saying the commercial will include a mother and daughter talking to each other using video chat on the iPhone using the new front-facing camera.

Engadget also found some messages from actors saying they will do audition for the Apple commercials, one actress from New York is doing audition today for the “f***ing apple commercial” and is praying for a miracle. A fellow from California also reported he was “Off to a commercial audition for Apple :)”. » iPhone 4G Commercial Will Feature iChat

Jun 07

Browsing around I bumped into this newspost on CrunchGear. They claim to have leaked pictures of the iPhone 3g / iPhone 2nd generation. had his own opion on the pictures: I’ll quote both articles below and you can check the pictures on the bottom. Take a look! » Fake pictures of the new iPhone 3G