Oct 26

iphone costumes

Need a costume for Halloween? Well you may like the iPhone suites made by Reko and John. And yes, they’re fully working. » Fully Working iPhone Costumes

Aug 28

We’ve had several humorous vids the last couple of days and today is no exception. This time the ad is all about MMS. Great clip. Enjoy and laugh your ass off! » And Another Hilarious iPhone Ad

Feb 04

krappscomKrapps is a new website where you will find reviews of the most crappy apps available in the app store hence the name krapps. Their latest post reviews 2 applications called iPee and Shy Bladder. Both applications have something to do with emptying your bladder (they are bladder movement assistance apps.). I won’t go much in detail here but if you would like to read your occasional review of a crappy app. Then i recommend Krapps.
» App Store – Kr(appy)Apps review site (KRAPPS.COM)

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