Oct 18

iPhone 4 Metal Back
The iPhone 4 has a glass back, which looks pretty cool, but some people still prefer the metal back just like the first iPhone. Well cnn.cn “which is an OEM cellphone parts company from Hong Kong” is selling a nice silver/black high-tech looking metal back for your iPhone 4, which you can purchase for just $12,99. » Add A Metal Back To Your iPhone 4

Jul 29

With the iPhone 4 right around the corner its time for some price comparison. The Italian website SetteB.IT created a summary of all the known iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 prices including 17 different countries (click here for full version). It turned out the cheapest place to purchase your iPhone is Hong Kong with prices from €406 till €585 and the most expansive is Italy with prices between €539 and €779 “without taxes”. There are no prices known in Germany, Japan, Vs and the Netherlands because they only sell the iPhone together with a contract.

Sep 26

Turkcell, the leading provider of mobile communications services in Turkey started today with the sale of the iPhone 3G. Next to the post paid subscription fees (€42 and €80/month) it’s also possible to buy an iPhone 3G without subscription, you would have to pay a monthly fee of €129 during the first 5 months and afterwards your iPhone is fully paid.
» Apple selling unlocked iPhone 3G in Hong Kong and contract free in Turkey

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