Apr 22

According to the Taipei based China Business Journal, 8 million iPhones were returned from Apple to Foxconn on March 15 because they were either malfunctioning or didn’t meet Apple’s standards in terms of appearance. According to the report it will cost Hon Hai 1 billion (US$161.8 million) to 1.6 billion Chinese yuan to repair the defective iPhones. » Apple Returned 8 Million Malfunctioning iPhones to Foxconn

Nov 28

Apple Earbuds
We all know the famous white earbuds that Apple is giving us when we purchase an iDevice. Unfortunately the quality of the earbuds is below average, but maybe the quality of the earbuds will improve because they will no longer be manufactured by the Japanese company FOSTER. The headphones for iPhones will be supplied by the two Taiwanese electronic manufacturers, with Hon Hai making wires and assembling the device, and Cheng Uei producing cords, loudspeakers and control switch modules. » Apple: New Manufacturers For iPhone Earbuds