Aug 27

Parts of the upcoming iPhone “5” which will most likely be introduced on September 12, continue to surface. These last photos which were highlighted by [Google translation] showing what appears to be the most completely assembled front panel seen yet. Above you can see an assembled front panel complete with LCD frame, front camera, and home button. After the break you can find more closeups showing flex cables for display, front camera and home button. » Photos Of “iPhone 5” Front Panel With Home Button, Front Camera & Shielding Installed

Mar 04

iPad 3
MIC Gadget has been able to get its hands on the rumored parts for the iPad 3 Front Glass, Rear Shell, and 3rd party cases, which can be seen in a nice overview video after the break. The video shows the iPad 3 exterior assembled, but no internal parts. » iPad 3 Parts Put Together

Mar 01

Two days ago Apple started sending invitations for the Apple Event on Wednesday, March 7, and the image of the iPad Apple used for the invitation didnt show a Home Button. Because of that people started to think that there will no homebutton on the next gen iPad. This is highly unlikely since all leaked iPad 3 parts show a homebutton and today they are shown by these digitizers on today. » Images Of iPad 3 Digitizer & HomeButton

Mar 30

When you install a lot of apps like i do, it happens sometimes that your iPhone hangs for a reason.

Whenever this happens to you, it’s not needed to reboot your phone.

Just press and hold the HOME button for approx. 6 seconds, and you will return to your springboard.