Mar 09

The Verge got their hands on The new iPad at the Apple Event Wednesday. “We have just had our first in-person experience with Apples latest and greatest slate… and it feels good“. They created a video to give us a good impression of The new iPad that will be released on March 16. The video can be seen after the break. » The New iPad Hands-On

Mar 07

Here are some first hands-on impressions of The new iPad from tech blogs.

Slashgear: “It is Resolutionary” Apple says of the new iPad, and we have to agree. We have just grabbed some hands-on time with the new Retina Display iOS 5.1 tablet, and the difference from the iPad 2 – which, remember, stays on sale alongside it – is vast. The pixels in the 2048 x 1536 display are, at regular arm length, completely indistinguishable: it is only when you get up close that you can make them out. » First Hands-On Impressions of The New iPad

Oct 12

The iPhone4S is not officially available yet but some people who pre-ordered it, got it already and they created the first hands-on videos of the new Apple handheld device and the amazing new feature Siri. If you cant wait to get your hands on your own iPhone 4S you can tease your eyes by checking out multiple videos after the break. » First iPhone 4S Hands On Videos

Jun 11

iphone 4 hands on
A lot of people already got the opportunity to test the new iPhone 4 and some of them created a Hands-On video about it. So if you are still not sure if you would like to buy the new iPhone or not, check out these 7 Hands-On videos below with a total of 19 minutes. In the videos you can see FaceTime, the Retina Display, the dual microphone and a comparison with the Android. » 7 iPhone 4 Hands-On Videos

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